Motivation for practice

With my last entry being a few weeks ago and not keeping up to my personal promise, I found it quite disappointing that I have not practice nor wrote blogs of any kind. I was reflecting on what I have been doing the last few weeks and what really was keeping me from practicing.

There has been a period of about 2-3 months where I was practicing consistently. I had moved into my wife’s home and everything was nice and tidy. As time went a long, documents, binders, napkins, medicine, and all other kinds of junk keep piling up on the only sitting space I have in this home. By the way, home is our room. Its the only space I have. It has taken a toll on my motivation.

Every time I just look at the desk, I cringe in despair. The desk is tiny to begin with and it’s loaded with my wife’s personal documents and other things that she has not reviewed in at least a year. Having a spacious, neat, and tidy desk seems to be very important to me.

If I really want to practice, get better at calligraphy, and continue documenting my progress, my next would be to get a bigger desk and tidy up (throw away junk). I believe this will help be become more motivated to sit down and start practicing. There is no better feeling than to practice on a tidy and clean desk!

What has helped maintained your motivation to practice calligraphy or other hobbies?


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